Sunday, August 23, 2009

I had a very restrictive bondage session last night ... First I put on a pair of opera length satin gloves. Next came two pair of opera length satin hand mittens, these are gloves without fingers and render your hands useless :) Over this a pair of pantyhose with the crotch cut out was pulled up over my mittened hands/arms to prevent any ability of removing the gloves/mittens. Next, my wrists and elbows were tightly tied together and were forced into the leg of a pair of support pantyhose which further pulled my arms together ... the remaining leg of the support hose was pulled over my head which makes it impossible to remove anything - they  must now be cut off! VERY restrictive, but still not enough :)

Next, locking humane restraint hospital straps were cinched tight and locked around my wrists and elbows followed by a strap around my body and elbows that trapped my arms to my body. My legs were strapped tightly with straps in a frog-tie. Last was a spandex hood pulled over my pantyhose encased head. This is a very restrictive tie and completely inescapable. I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I'd enjoy hearing your comments about my bondage adventure and suggestions for what you would like to see :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our first meeting

A possible meeting with someone that has yet to happen ...
We have been chatting online a few times and have decided to have lunch with me in boy-mode clothes (I'm not comfortable in girl-mode in public). You have instructed me to not wear any girl clothes or even any underwear under my boy clothes, which I was surprised at. I arrive at the local PF Changs and see you in a corner booth which is great. I slide into the booth and we exchange greetings. You slide a bag across the table and tell me to look inside. Inside I see frilly black panties, a 6 strap garter belt and long black stockings. You tell me to go into the bathroom and put them on. And I am to not wear my socks when I return. I am quite surprised by this. I am not sure what to do but go into the bathroom and get into a stall and remove my boy clothes. I pull up the frilly satin panties, my clitty is now mostly hard. The garter belt is an old fashioned open bottom, high waisted girdle that has 6 garters. I pull on, it is quite tight but fits perfectly and pulls in my already slim waist. My legs are always smooth shaven, so the stockings slide up my legs and I tightly garter them so they are pulled taut. I usually wear pantyhose, but these feel silky divine. I pull my pants back up over my undergarments and put on my shoes, but put my socks back in the bag. I can see my stockings and feel exposed. I walk quickly back to the booth and slide in, but no one even looks at me. You tell me to slip off my shoe and put my foot into your lap under the table. I put my stocking clad foot into your lap and you begin to pet it. The waiter comes over with our drinks, and I about jump out of the booth, but she doesn't even notice anything so I relax a bit. We talk about my dressing as you pet my stocking covered foot and I am am surprised to feel your manhood become hard under my foot. We eat lunch and talk more about my 1950's housewife fantasy. You relate that women don't dress how they should and you would love to have a lady of the house, that knew how to dress and took care of the cooking and cleaning. Since I am married, but free during some weekdays, we hit upon my coming over early in the morning every Thursday to play house during the day and to make you lunch, clean the house and get dinner started for when you come home again later in the day. We agree that I will come over this Thursday and see how things work. We finish up lunch and head outside and you ask me to come to you car. You relate that you had hoped this would be the outcome and you hand me a shopping bag. You tell me that you know I have my own clothes but are very particular about how your wife will dress. She will wear frilly panties, girdle garter belt and stockings which I already have. Also, she will wear a lace bra full fancy slip 4 inch heel satin pumps that match a perfect 1950 day dress. There is also a frilly apron for the kitchen. I look in the bag and all these things are already here and realize I will look just like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver.. You tell me to wear my makeup like a picture you will send and to get a single strand pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Now I know why over our online chats you asked my sizes for things. I am dumbfounded and hear myself agree to come over to your house this Thursday fully dressed at 11am to make your lunch and get my list of chores. This is all happening very quickly ... Could it happen with you?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have always loved the feel of silk, nylon, satin. Anything with that silky quality against my skin. While that is not unusual, it becomes somewhat eccentric when you happen to be a guy ...

I started putting on pantyhose and slips in around the second grade. I remember being fascinated by how my teacher looked in her sheath dresses, hose and heels. She looked absolutely divine in my seven year old eyes. So I started "borrowing" pantyhose and slips from my female relatives. I have to wonder if they ever knew - a few did since I got caught, but that is for another post.

I would wear pantyhose for 24 hours a day quite often, under my boy clothes and I would even sleep in them. It was for the feeling of safety I think that I felt when dressed in these silky things. When I got into adolescence, it did turn into a sexual release enabled by my nylon finery - but it started out as a safe/happy feeling.

As I hit the early teen years, I was fascinated by tying myself up. I have no idea why. I longed over the detective magazine covers in the drugstore and of course Mrs Peel from the Avengers - sigh. These pursuits have been with me ever since ... say nearly 40 years :)

As I have gotten older, my wardrobe has expanded as has my bondage toy collection. My wife supports these hobbies as much as she can. I spend much of my free time "dressed up" while at home (here is my outfit I am wearing as I type). In subsequent posts I will talk a bit more about my silk and steel experiences. - Mina